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Digital 2022 Australia: Online Like Never Before

April, 19th 2022

If you are looking to advertise your brand or product, audio advertising could be a good choice. The power of audio lies in its ability to capture the attention of listeners. In addition to attracting their attention, audio also offers brand owners the ability to personalise the messages they send to their audience. Brands can leverage 3D and 8D audio to capture the attention of listeners and appeal to their emotions. For instance, Marie Claire launched a powerful online campaign to end violence against women, which used a moment of silence to make listeners check their phones. During the pause, the campaign had a powerful message and a clear call to action.

The use of audio streaming devices is rising and has made audio ads an increasingly attractive choice for marketers. Audio ads are often delivered to the listener through an online audio player, and can be voiced by a professional actor or commentator. The most effective audio ads are short, with an average duration of 30 seconds. However, a longer ad can be created to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, compared to traditional television ads, audio ads are more conversational and are better suited to be sprinkled within the listening environment.

Audio is a unique way to reach consumers who would otherwise not be exposed to a brand's message. Many consumers enjoy listening to audio, and podcasts are increasingly popular. Brands should take advantage of this growing audience to generate a revenue stream. Audio ads can be used to reach a variety of consumer groups and target the right demographic. A successful audio advertising campaign can reach the entire funnel, allowing a brand to reach their audience at the right time.

Unlike television and radio, audio ads can be heard on a number of different audio streaming platforms. Streaming audio platforms like Spotify allow advertisers to buy space and target only users who fit the targeted audience profile. Before purchasing space on these platforms, users must create an account with the audio streaming service to listen to audio ads. Users can also add additional information, including demographic data. If they like what they hear, they may click on the ads and purchase the products or services.

When audio ads are played on a streaming platform, brands can target specific artists and genres of podcasts to reach their audience. Unlike television, audio ads can be distributed throughout a stream at dedicated intervals. This means that brands don't have to worry about scheduling or losing ad time. They are also highly flexible. They usually have a conversational tone and are highly personalized for listeners. That's why audio advertising is a great choice for brands that want to reach a wider audience.

The power of audio advertising is becoming more valuable as the digital landscape evolves. With the use of programmatic audio advertising, marketers can effectively target their audiences with the right message, regardless of their device or location. Brands can reach a targeted audience with their audio ads, thereby increasing the impact of their marketing campaigns. This means that audio advertising can be a cost-effective and progressive source of monetization. It's time to consider audio advertising as an important element of your marketing strategy.

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