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The Attention Economy for Audio Campaigns.

Damien O’Neill | 26th May 2022

As brands and advertisers start to increase investment in reaching their consumers through so many touchpoints, the need to have common methods to track the effectiveness has become more apparent but even more cluttered. Impressions, completed ad plays or listens and viewability have long been the go-to metrics but there is definitely a rise in the importance to focus on attention.

The idea of attention carries even greater weight with audio as a channel. It is no longer just ok to say well my ad was played 1000 times and that satisfies our brand objectives. We need to ensure that during those 1000 ad plays our audio message was listened to with intent, attention was paid to the messages we are trying to communicate.

The reason for this is the benefits of having audio that engages its audience and plays on the emotions of the listener (when attentive) is almost unmatched. Acast recent Sounds Smart 2022 (AUS), Acast & Nielsen report shows how important attention during podcasts is to direct brand actions.

So, how do we ensure maximum attention and not just passive listening? Make sure your creative is a focus. It needs to be emotive, we need to tell a story, be personal, speak to your audience directly and be bold.

Recently IAB ran a Q&A with contributions from ARN, Acast, Eardrum and Spotify around this very topic - Audio In The Attention Economy. You can view the article right here. We highly recommend it.

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