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Can using targeted Audio branding campaigns lift search and social conversion?

Damien O’Neill | 1st August 2022

With such a strong business focus on the 'now' market ie the consumers who are going to purchase today our budget allocation tends to favour the channels that drive that low funnel activity. When we need to start to drive stronger performance through that low funnel (Now) activity and we are hitting maximum exposure to our audience where do we go?

Our mindset needs to move towards the 'Near, & Future Markets'. Does introducing our brand to consumers earlier in their decision-making process result in stronger conversions through our existing low funnel campaigns? The answer unequivocally is always YES. Targeted Audio Branding campaigns enable a significant positive increase in conversion rates, it protects stronger margins and results in better brand advocacy.

Some of the key findings from a recent Bench whitepaper show.

  • Combining programmatic audio branding channels with paid search and social campaigns can increase conversion rate uplift (from search and social alone) by at least 20 percent and up to 3,000 percent.
  • When combined with search and social, targeted audio branding can drive improved performance at the bottom of the funnel.
  • Programmatic delivers addressable' audio branding campaigns, which drive additional efficiencies and reduce ad spending waste.
  • Programmatic audio offers flexible options that can adapt to changing consumer behaviour and data-driven insights.
  • Programmatic audio branding enables brands to have the flexibility and control to navigate a fragmented media landscape while reaching and linking consumers across multiple digital channels, screens and touchpoints.

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