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The Infinite Dial 2021 - Australia Online Digital Audio Report

Damien O'Neill

Infinite Dial Australia explores the penetration of online digital audio in Australia, as well as the online platforms and technologies that Australians are using. This study is designed to allow direct comparisons between the Australian and U.S. markets.

There are some key takeaways here at we want to highlight and also showcase the extraordinary growth and opportunities the digital audio channel is presenting.

Credit to Edison Research for the report in combination with Commercial Radio Australia, Listnr & Triton Digital.

1. 74% of 12+ Australians listened to online audio each month.

2. About 5.6 million Australians, or 26%, are weekly podcast listeners, a 53% increase over the 2020 study that was conducted prior to the pandemic lockdown.

3. Australians age 12+ report spending over 12 hours per week listening to online audio.

4. In the last week, 42% have listened to Spotify, 16% to YouTube music, 8% to Apple Music, 5% to SoundCloud and 1% to Amazon Music.

With all the disruptions from 2020 and more likely because of the disruptions, digital audio availability, spend & attention grew at a significant pace. With Podcasts in Australia making a giant leap forward we are now just months behind the figures seen overseas.

For more information or any questions check out our FAQs page. You can download the full report below or get started on your Digital Audio journey by hitting the 'Get Started' button.