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Digital Audio 2021 wrapped by Spotify

Damien O'Neill

2021 was a huge year for audiences getting back on with their lives and audio was a key companion the whole way through. Below are some of the key changes and learnings from 2021 as reported by Spotify on their original post.

1. Always On

Audio was our constant companion. Many users turned to sound.
Overall minutes played on the platform increasing by +22% from 2020 to 2021 for users aged 15 to 44.1

2. Amplified Connections

Sound helped us unite through culture.
More than 2.1 billion tracks, shows, albums, and artists were shared via Spotify in 2021, and there were more than 22 million collaborative Spotify playlists created in the last year.2

3. Household Harmony

Shared listening in the home kept us together.
Smart speakers rose in popularity among Spotify users globally in 2021, with total listening time through smart speakers growing by 29% YoY.3

4. Eclectic Sounds

Podcasts opened listeners up to a diverse range of experiences.
The number of distinct podcast users aged 15-44 on Spotify grow by +34% YoY.

5. Right Time, Right Vibes

Sound helped us magnify the moment.

Spotify Trends

What does this all mean?

Audiences are open to new discoveries when consuming digital audio. They are spending increased hours looking for the next artist or podcast to engage with. Be present around new released podcasts or new music playlists.

Be mindful that new discoveries are being shared across friends and families. Your message can be amplified easily if you focus on the right audience demographics. With this and the increase in connected speakers around the home, audio should be engaging for the whole family at different times. But always remember to remain relevant and in-sync with what is being consumed. Keep your message upbeat and up-tempo if targeting dance & gym time playlists. If study or work time related playlists and podcasts suit your target then don't hit your audience's ears with audio to get them up and moving. Match their vibe and the engagement will come.

For more information or any questions check out our FAQs page. You can download the full report below or get started on your Digital Audio journey by hitting the 'Get Started' button.

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