Digital Audio delivers adverts while clients are 100% immersed in the moment. Whether they are driving, exercising, playing or working, let us communicate your message to them.

Digital Audio is now the seamless, go to multimedia platform to deliver your message while people are on the go. Pounding away to your pump playlist, pondering with a podcast, singing with Spotify, music marathons on your streaming Apps or digital radio stations. Digital Audio delivers your messages everywhere.

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Digital Audio makes it easy for you to reach your target audience through cost-effective, targeted audio campaigns across the streaming apps you know and love.

Digital Audio gives you access to all the top audio streaming apps.

Radio advertising can be costly and is similar to casting a wide net. It allows you to reach a large portion of the population but you're unable to accurately track how many people have actually listened to your ad. Digital Audio ads on the other hand, are distributed through mobile streaming apps. They allow you to select specific artists or podcast genres that align with your target audiences’ interests and serve audio ads accordingly.

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Need an ad? Digital Audio can get your ad ready to go in 24 hours.

Digital Audio ads tend to be more conversational in tone, and the content tends to be more personalized and specific to the groups of listeners. Let us work with you to get your message across in the most professional way.

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Full visibility on all Digital Audio metrics at all times.

With Digital Audio campaigns you get access to your impressions, total ad plays, completed ad plays, number of companion ad clicks. We can also help you with matching back to sales results or website actions to really keep a close eye on ROI.

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Digital Audio

Open your ears to the Digital Audio revolution

With the growth in user bases, improvements in hardware like smart speakers and headphones, and the growing interest among consumers, brands and social media platforms around live audio, the major audio players (iHeartMedia, Spotify) are focused on new ad formats and better reporting.

We believe Digital Audio is the media for the future.

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Digital Audio is for everyone. We want you to speak your message to your audience no matter your business size or advertising spend. From Gyms to Cafes, Plumbers to Dentists. If you have a local audience. Offline or Online. Use Digital Audio to get your message into your customers ears.